Luxurious Weekend Getaway


A Frisian weekend getaway in the summer

Leaving all the stress behind you on the spur of the moment? And after enjoying a luxurious weekend getaway feeling refreshed to start up the new week? Then come to Luxe Vakantie Friesland! To take a walk in Friesland, with the wind in your hair, enjoying the beautiful views. Or go cycling in Friesland, by the Frisian lakes, while you hop along the towns and villages with their easygoing ambience. Or go sailing in Friesland. Just rent a boat, and sail across the many lakes and canals in Friesland. Naturally you can hire a sailboat in many places, but hiring a sloop boat is even possible within 1½ kilometres from your apartment.

Fietsen op mooie fietspaden langs de Friese meren

A Frisian weekend getaway in the winter

With or without the ice skating fever, is a frosty Friesland wonderful to see and experience. The winter landscapes are idyllic, and it is very soon possible to go ice skating outdoors: on the bluegrass lands nearby your apartment is the ice layer thick enough after two nights of frost. It would be perfect if the Frisian canals and lakes freeze over so that you can skate a tour. And that famous Eleven City Skating Tour? Who knows! Incidentally Friesland offers a range of Christmas fairs during the winter and many more events, such as the Boxing Days in Joure. All the ingredients for a wonderful weekend getaway are here in the winter too!

Or for no reason at all……

Just relaxing for the fun of it while enjoying the comfort during your luxurious weekend getaway? It is possible at Luxe Vakantie Friesland. Joure is close by, with many activities, wonderful terraces and fine dining restaurants.

Luxe weekendje weg

And in your apartment you will find everything you need.

• Free wifi access everywhere
• A spacious living room with a leisure sitting, a colour television, radio and cd player
• A large bathroom, a private sauna and jacuzzi in the room, seperate toilet (n/a for (Blaugers Apartment)
• Several bedrooms with two boxspring beds in each room
• Private terrace with garden furniture and a parasol sunshade
• Free parking in a large parking area on the private grounds
• Bicycles (for ladies and gents) are ready for your use to explore Friesland
• Joure offers fine dining restaurants, only 1½ kilometres away
• So much quality for a competitive price

Have you become curious about your luxurious weekend getaway?

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De vakantiehuizen 4 en 5 zijn mede gerealiseerd met financiële steun van provincie Friesland en het Europees Landbouwfonds voor Plattelandsontwikkeling. Europees Landbouwfonds voor Plattelandsontwikkeling. Europa investeert in zijn platteland.